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Kenny K.
Pensacola, FL

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[5.0 star rating]

** The best pain and stress relieving massage of my life. Tina is truely Exceptional! **  
My experience with Tina was nothing short of a miracle.  I called ahead to make an appointment and she got me in an hour later.  Even though I was running a little behind due to traffic,  she was more than understanding and welcoming when I arrived.  
 I have a busy and stressful life being in the military and I tend to ignore the damage it does to my body because I rarely have the time or money for a massage. Especially when all the massages I have had in the past left me saying "ahh.. that felt good" but really it fell short of my hopes and expectations and left me displeased with paying hard earned money for an average, barely any pressure, only major muscle and lack of care and attention massage.
 I paid for the 120 min. full body body massage and at every point during the session she amazed me.  At some points I even wanted to cry with pure joy when she worked away the dormant pain that was built up in my muscles.  The communication during the massage was welcomed and natural, but honestly I could have said nothing and she would have known without doubt where all my pain was because of how thorough she is with her hands. 
 She has the gift for body work. A true master of the art and very professional!!  She even whipped me up some awsome homemade jalapeño jelly and cream cheese crackers when my stomach started growling. She is a woman that is very down to earth who made me feel like a "King".
 I cannot express the amount of satisfaction and respect I had for Tina when I left, to receive a massage from her was pure ecstasy. 
 I would highly recommend Tina at "King's and Queen's Massage Spa" . My only disappointment will be my next massage that's not with Tina.

[Tina X.]
Comment from Tina X. of King and Queen Massage and Spa 
Business Manager
4/1/2017  Hi Kenny, I am so glad I can help you with your body pain and stress. I appreciate your great review. Hope to see you soon.